Vancouver Round-Trip for under $4K

By Butterboom Writers  /  April 26, 2007

Oasis throws down on Battle of Canadian airfares.


Ok Vancouverites it’s your turn. Oasis Hong Kong is kicking off their new flights to Vancouver with an amazing roundtrip flight price of $3980 (yes, subject to conditions) starting June 28. With 6 flights a week and non-stop service to Vancouver you can bet this will lower fares across all the other airlines especially if Oasis provides a pleasant flying experience because these long-hauls most people are willing to pay more for better comfort and service.

But Oasis has thought of that too, with their 2-for-1 Business Class fare at $23,880 for 2 Buisness class seats where you stretch out and relax. Go check out these deals at their site for more info so you can spend the Summer in Vancouver instead of sweating it out here in Hong Kong with the rest of us.


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