Top Destinations to Travel in Asia by Private Jet

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By Butterboom Writers  /  September 23, 2016

There’s no doubt that a private jet charter significantly improves the quality of one’s flight. When thinking about private jets, you may picture someone sitting in an elegantly designed cabin with their feet kicked up, perhaps snacking on a silver plate of fruit. And even though this image of style and class has become the epitome of private air travel, there are other pro’s that set private jet travel aside from commercial airlines. These advantages prove that chartering a private jet is indeed the ultimate way to travel to any destination.

Besides having more freedom and choices in terms of when you travel, where you travel to and who sits next to you on the plane, travelling by private jet actually, saves you lots of time. With access to smaller private airports and airfields, private jets enable you to land closer to your final destination and breeze through passport control since there are no waiting lines.

If you’re inspired to book a fully customised flight for your next holiday, Air Charter Service  provides private aircraft charters and their experienced Account Managers will help plan and get you to your dream destinations throughout Asia and beyond via private jet.

Here are our two three destinations to fly to in Asia by private jet.


Paro, Bhutan


Paro is one of the most stunning destinations to visit in the Himalayas. Located on the north west of Bhutan, this charming little town is perched in a deelp valley by the river Paro Chhu 2250m above sea level. It is surrounded by mountain peaks that rises 5,500m high, making it one of the most difficult airports to land on. Paro is pretty exclusive – in fact Paro airport only receives 30,000 arrivals each year. This means you really get to experience the place and people as they are- unspoilt from mass tourism.

Make sure you visit the famous sacred Taktshang Temple (Tiger’s Nest), which also appears in the movie Batman Begins. The temple rests on the side of a mountain with a 1,000-metre drop and will take you three hours to hike up to. It takes some effort and patience to get there from Hong Kong, since there are no direct flights from the city. Visitors are required to fly via Kolkata airport in India or catch a connecting flight from Bangkok to Paro. This is one of those places that makes flying private worth the while.



Mongolia is a destination for travellers who love nature and adventure. It is perfect for those who are looking to escape to wilderness as it is one of the most remote and spectacularly beautiful places in the world with rugged mountains, glacial valleys, forest, vast grassland, desserts, rivers and lakes. Located north of China, Mongolia is a landlocked state that lies between China and Russia with a population of only 3 million people, and so understandably there are no direct flights from Hong Kong.

To get there you have to fly into Beijing or Shanghai to get a connecting flight to their only international airport in Ulaanbaatar. Or you can jet around Mongolia via private jet freely to explore this vast and scenic country, hopping from the Gobi Dessert in the South of Mongolia to the beautiful freshwater lake Khövsgöl Nuur (also known as the Blue Pearl) in the North.


Raja Ampat/Sorong, Indonesia


Sorong is a coastal city located on the farthest north western tip of Papua New Guinea, the biggest of the Indonesian island right above Queensland, Australia. This cluster of islets has some of the richest marine biodiversity on earth consisting of massive coral colonies (over 500 species) and over 1500 species of fishes. 

Raja Ampat also boasts the largest and most beautiful marine national park in Indonesia, making it a popular dive spot in Indonesia. The best time to head to Raja Ampat/Sorong for diving is between September and June.

As there is no international airport in Sorong, flying there directly isn’t possible. However, to get to the nearest airfield in the surrounding region, private jet charter might be the more convenient solution. 

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If you’ve been considering travelling to any of these remote destinations, chartering a private jet might be your best travel solution. Contact Air Charter Service for a private jet rental quote to any of these destinations and don’t forget to invite your friends along on your great adventures.


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