The Tokyo Metro Guide Map Now Available For Download on Your Phone

Tokyo Metro Route Map, Japan
By   /  March 19, 2014

Tokyo is a favourite destination for Hong Kongers. Its easy to get around by yourself and the Tokyo Metro system with 9 main lines connects the entire city and is a great way to explore this city.  You can hit some of Tokyo’s most popular districts like Akihabara Shopping Area, Kiyosumi Garden and Sensoki Temple via Tokyo Metro.

We just want to let you on a little tip to help you plan your trip even better, go download the Tokyo Metro Map on your phone, sort out where you want to go and maximize your time in Tokyo.  The map is available to download in 7 languages and highlight key popular destinations and attractions in Tokyo for the uninitiated.

Their website is in  5 languages: English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese providing more detail about riding the subway including fares and passes, subway etiquette and information on airport access.

Check out our little video here for a taste of Tokyo and discover the shopping districts of Shibuya, the temples of Asakusa and authentic Japanese restaurants of Ginza.


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