Say ‘Aloha’ with Northwest

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 18, 2007

Let NWA send you to Honolulu and other US cities for cheap.


This is the reason we all love competition and why monopolies suck. Just last week we reported on cheap fares from Cathay Pacific to the US, now Northwest Airlines (or as its better known as, haha, the NWA) have gone even lower on their fares to HK$3980 to San Fran, Honolulu, LA, Seattle if you book by September 20th and travel on a weekday while weekend departures are still only HK$4380. But you have to have gone and come back by end of January 2008. Click here to book now.

Is there really any reason to hard sell going to Honolulu? Not really – but if you need a reason this is what you can expect to see, he may not be there anymore but his spirit lives on in Hawaii:


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