Nissan Shows Off Manga-Car

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 14, 2007

Yes its a concept, but it sure looks neat.


Take a piece of car design and mix with Ghost in the Shell and you get this slick little concept car from Nissan, that has the web abuzz this week:

Yoo Eunsun is very hip and very young. She’s Korean, lives in Japan and speaks perfect English. It was her interior-design concept that won Nissan’s in-house Mixim competition. And it is her (or, rather, her generation’s) fingerprints that are smeared all over the car.

Nissan’s latest concept car to come from the Tokyo-based exploratory design studio was officially unveiled at this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show. It was created by a design team with an average age of just 25.

“I am influenced by Japanese animation, like the film Ghost in the Shell,” says Eunsun, her eyes widening as I explain that I have no idea what she is referring to. She thinks I’m joking as she continues to explain that the car is conceptually rooted in computer games, and visually influenced by manga comics, anime (Japanese animation) and Second Life.

While it’s cool to see this what is cooler is that this story from the Independent is showing that the next generation of designers and engineers influenced by pop culture is now making the decisions of what we will be experiencing next. Just like the geeks who were weened on Star Trek in the 60s gave us the cellphone and so many other Starfleet-inspired gadgets, the sci-fi and anime world of today should get us a transporter sometime soon if not at least some flying cars?

More images of the Nissan Mixim here.


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