Hotel Rooms: Grand Hyatt Giving Women What They Want

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 23, 2013

Hyatt’s new amenities and services tailored for women.

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We usually have a certain kind of expectation when you are staying at a five star hotel and these days the quality of services keeps improving. We recently checked into the Grand Hyatt compliments of the hotel to try out their new refurbished rooms and newly launched service- Hyatt Has It. Born out of asking female travelers what they want from their hotel stays.

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The new rooms well as you would expect no less from the Grand Hyatt, impeccably designed. Rooms interior featured lots of light beige colours and a bath in the middle of the room maximizing the amazing view of the Tsim Sha Tsui harbour skyline.

Some of the little touches we liked about the room was the complete block out blinds that really blocked out the lights and had us snoozing in till 10am.  Bathrobes that were lightweight and super soft, unlike the heavier types and a jewellery tray in the safe where you can keep your jewellery pieces in compartment was very thoughtful.

Their Missing Must-Have card ask guest to tick forgotten must-have items like make-up remover,  hairbrush, lint mitt, and mouthwash. That’s a great time-saver for lots of us, no more running around looking for a pharmacy or beauty shop looking for these items. You can also borrow or buy other essentials that are commonly forgotten like a phone charger, yoga matt, and curling hair iron.

Another service we think ladies you would love, is their new 24/7 room service menu that offers detox juices, well-being smoothies, and healthier food choices like steamed fish, grilled meats like chicken and vegetables served in a range of portion sizes. All excellent touches we certainly appreciate.

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