Hotel Rooms: ABBA Resorts Izu, Japan

ABBA IZU_01_Butterboom
By Butterboom Writers  /  November 12, 2018

If your dream is to stay in the unspoilt beauty of Japan’s forest, you can now make it happen at ABBA Resorts in Izu, Japan. Set in a serene forest, ABBA features 30 rooms and villas over two floors in peaceful gardens, some with private open-air baths and swimming pool.

It’s pretty apt as ABBA when translated means to “sit back and enjoy.” That’s what you’ll do here in this dreamy resort where you’ll kick back, slip off your shoes and do nothing but bask in the tranquil and beautiful atmosphere of your room.

The rooms:
ABBA Resorts’s villas’ new super luxury Split Level Villa Suite is the bomb. The spacious villa comprised of a living room, a dining room with a kitchen on the first floor, and the bedroom on the second floor overlooking the Sagami Bay. There is a private heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi and outdoor bath on the terrace where you can unwind and relax.

ABBA IZU_02_Butterboom

ABBA Villa Suite

ABBA IZU_05_Butterboom

Private swimming pool

Around the hotel:

If you manage to peel yourself away from your hotel room, make sure you check out the resort’s three restaurants featuring the finest Japanese ingredients such as exotic Izu specialties puffer or marbled rock fish. There is also the award-winning fine dining Yamamomo which serves local ingredients with French technique.

Izu has its charm too – known as the province where the hot water gushes, this traditional village is overflowing with natural wonders from geysers to hot springs, forests to waterfalls. Go on a hike on the Jogasaki coastal walking trail where you can test your nerves on the 43-meter suspension bridge. Make your way to the top of Mount Omura by cable car.

ABBA IZU_06_Butterboom

Jogasaki Coast

Want to immerse yourself in Japanese culture? Izu is home to an eclectic mix of modern art, historical landmarks and unusual sights such as the Museum of Art, the 1,200 year-old temple Shuzen-ji and more.

Or if you’re into golf, you can also tee off with the beautiful Mount Fuji in the background. Bliss!

The price:
Prices start from HK$8,343 on a weekday night and HK$10,429 on a weekend night inclusive of breakfast, dinner and a roundtrip transfer from the train station.

The details:
ABBA Resorts Izu
1741 Yawatano, Shizuoka Prefecture
ITO 4130232, Shizuoka, Japan
Tel: 2105 3999


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