Fly to Singapore for $1000

By Butterboom Writers  /  February 13, 2007

A round trip on Jetstar to Singapore at HK$1000 is a pretty sweet deal.


After you count up all that Lai See cash you collected over the New Year holiday you’ll want to go and spend it on shopping – why not head to Singapore for a weekend and go crazy. Low-Budget airline Jetstar can take you roundtrip to Singapore for $1000. Yes Math-Maniacs, that is $500 each way. But you have to book by Feb. 18.

I think budget airlines are a good way to keep those short jaunts around the region cheap, but sometimes you can get a big carrier to match the price if you look around. And you MUST watch the small-print in these kinds of deals. To get this cheap price from Jetstar you are buying a NON-REFUNDABLE ticket.


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