Crown Macau is 6-Star

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 28, 2007

New Macau hotel to be big on food!


Melco’s new Crown Macau Hotel boasts to be 6-star and is due to open in Early Summer 2007. But the interesting thing is you may just want to go there to eat:

One tantalising highlight promises to be Tenmasa. Handed down through three generations of tempura masters, Tenmasa started as a tiny restaurant in the Kanda Sarugakucho district of Tokyo in 1937. Over time the Tenmasa name has become synonymous with the celebrities of Japan’s political and business scene.

Modeled on the exclusive central Tokyo restaurant, Tenmasa at Crown Macau will be the first brand extension outside Japan. It will emulate the intimate ambience of the Tokyo venue combining seductive modern design with Ozashiki (traditional tatami rooms). In true Japanese style, the highly skilled chefs will work their art before the diners using special metal chop sticks to sense the vibrations of the oil and the food to ensure that each dish is cooked to perfection and presented crisp and piping hot.

Well sounds pretty delicious already but what will the Mainland gamblers think? We mostly see the high-rollers hitting The Sands‘ Won Ton Noodle restaurant more than the amazing steakhouse upstairs.


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