AirAsia Flying to Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 24, 2007

Budget airline flies us to South East Asia for cheap starting this December.


According to the SCMP (Subscription required) Malaysia-based AirAsia will start flying in and out of Hong Kong. What does that mean to you? Expect 1-way tickets to Bangkok for HK$300, Kuala Lumpur for $400 and Kota Kinabalu for $250. All fares include tax:

“We have been contemplating the plan [to come to Hong Kong] for six years,” AirAsia Group chief executive Tony Fernandes said yesterday.

Two years ago, instead of Hong Kong, AirAsia chose Macau as its first entry point into Greater China and later flew to Shenzhen. The airline, one of the most profitable low-cost carriers in the world, operates nine daily flights to Macau and two daily flights to Shenzhen, which will soon increase to four daily flights.

Mr Fernandes said Hong Kong had offered an incentive package to bring flights to the city. He would not elaborate, other than saying they were not as generous as incentives given by Macau.

AirAsia will begin daily flights from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong between December and January.

AirAsia has already been named Low-Cost Airline of the Year by World Airline Awards (Tiger is 2nd and Oasis 3rd) and Richard Branson owns a piece of AirAsia’s long-distance line AirAsia X. This must all be in preparation for quick access next year for the Olympics and is exciting for holiday and business travelers as well. More as it develops, and hopefully they do something about those bright red outfits soon.


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