7000 Free Asia Miles from AmEx

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 4, 2008

American Express’ new Cathay Pacific deal means ‘bonus’ for us.


This is kind of big news for all of you who rely on your Visa purchases to upgrade you on your flights. Taking over from Visa, the American Express Cathay Pacific credit card is now the only credit card in Hong Kong where your spending automatically converts to Asia Miles points with ZERO charges.

To get you to sign up for their card, they are offering 7000 Asia Miles for successful online application for the Elite card before Aug 16 and upon your first purchase transaction.

Other goodies include a waiver of the annual fee of HK$1800 for the 1st year and the big one: free unlimited access to over 500 VIP lounges worldwide. We like this benefit alot, it means you can relax at the lounges in all the major airports while you wait to board your flight.

The rest of the other benefits are not all that hot including the lame Asia Miles Lucky draw to encourages you to use their card. The online application form is a pain to fill in.

You need to fill in every single blank box even if your building doesn’t have a block name or unit number, so just type ‘-” it works as well. Hope you won’t be deterred. If not for the free 7000 miles, we would have given up guessing what else needed to be filled in.

More info here.


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