Wello: The iPhone Case that Tracks Your Vitals

Wello iPhone Case Azoi Health Monitor
By Butterboom Writers  /  May 2, 2014

The iPhone case that could save your life! US company Azoi, the developer behind the Wello case, has come up with an important reason for you to always have your iPhone by your side. Wello is designed to help you keep track of your health by monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, temperature and lung function — all just by holding your phone with both hands for a few seconds.

Founder and CEO of Azoi, Hamish Patel, has been working on the technology for two years to offer everyone access to better health, especially for those living in countries where health services are limited. With Wello, you no longer have an excuse to not know how healthy (or vice versa) you are. For those who are making a change in their lifestyle, Wello can come in handy as a reminder or tracker to see if your health starts to change.

How It Works

Essentially, it is a health tracker that is simple to use. You simply hold your smartphone in its Wello case and hidden sensors begin testing your vitals. The information is then transmitted to a Wello app that is synced to your phone. You not only get instant information about your health but you get to track it as well to better manage your life. There is also a lung-tester attachment to blow into so you can test your lung function. Android users can also use Wello, but as a standalone device instead of a case.

How to buy?

To get Wello, pre-order it at www.azoi.com for USD199 (limited time offer). There’s also a referral programme where you get USD10 credited to you for every friend who buys it too.


Photo credits: www.engadget.com


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