Top Four Music Streaming Apps in Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 31, 2013

Music streaming services have made a huge impact on the way we listen to music nowadays. It’s a faster way to obtain new songs, you can sync them across your devices and most of the songs and albums you want are available offline so you never need to be caught out on a long commute without music again.

We’ve rounded up the top four major music streaming services in the city so you can decide where to get your tunes from.



KKBox is undoubtedly one of the most popular music streaming services in Asia. Not only does it feature more than 10 million song tracks from over 500 international music labels, the Taiwanese company also holds live events on its platform allowing users to interact with singers by listening to their tracks and chatting with them via text. The Hong Kong version of KKBox is only available in Chinese and would be more suited to those who mainly listen to Mando or Cantopop. The cost of the service is HKD$49 per month but you can start yourself off with a free seven day trial. With a user-friendly app interface, lots of fun features and great selection of music, KKBox makes a strong name for itself in the music streaming business.

You can download the app for your preferred device from here.



Moov is a streaming service exclusive to Hong Kong users. Designed by PCCW, the service offers more than 1.5 million songs with more than 50 labels including EMI, Gold Typhoon and Sony. As well as providing users with a daily update of popular songs and the latest albums, Moov also has a section for music videos and live performances and sometimes even features singers streaming their music live while you follow along on your phone, tablet or computer. Moov offers users a free trial that lasts for 30 days; if you want to continue using the service it will cost you HKD$24 a month for the first two months and HKD$49 a month after that. You don’t need to have a PCCW subscription to use the service.

You can start your free trial with Moov here.



Soliton is a multi-function music streaming platform available only in Hong Kong and Macau and combines music, social networking features and an eye-catching design to create an impressive music streaming experience. Soliton boasts a library of over 1.7 million hit songs from artists around the world and lets users share their favourite music with friends and families. Soliton stands out from the rest with its voice recognition system allowing users to simply read out lyrics, song titles or artist’s names to find the song they want. The bold design of the app makes the service fun to use and easy to navigate through. Subscribing to the streaming service will cost you HKD$49 a month with a 14 day free trial but recently Soliton has teamed up with companies like Smartone, Gavio, China Mobile and KEF to bring you special offers and a chance to increase the duration of your free trial.

You can check out the special offers and download links for Soliton here.



Spotify is arguably the best music streaming service available in Hong Kong today. With over 24 million users and 20 million tracks available on demand, this freemium service (free but with a premium option) is one of the most popular ways to listen to music legally online or offline. Users are encouraged to socialize with other friends who use Spotify by sharing songs and playlists and checking out what others are listening to. Spotify, like the other three streaming services, is available for free on your desktop, though if you opt for the premium service (HKD$48 per month) you get an unlimited amount of songs to stream or download across all your devices (phones, tablets and computers) with no ads. If you’re not sure, you can always test the waters first by signing up for the one month free trial.

Visit Spotify’s official website for more information and download links.



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