StuffGenie Provides Door-to-Door Storage Pickup and Storage

By Butterboom Writers  /  January 6, 2015

In Hong Kong, space is premium and we all suffer from having not enough space with all the stuff we accumulate. Well there’s one way to free up more space, get rid of them but if you’re trimmed your belongings and find that you still need more space beyond your own apartment or office,  a new tech company called  StuffGenie  has come up with the ultimate storage solution.

 Unlike existing storage facilities that are already available in Hong Kong, that just provide you with the space to store your stuff, StuffGenie is different in that they offer the full storage service from providing you the box, pick-up from your doorstep to their storage facilities and same when you want your stuff, flexibility in terms of offering only the storage you need by the box and how ever short or long term you want to use their facilities starting from just 1 month.

How it works:

First you have to sign up to be a member at StuffGenie’s and decide how many boxes you need from them.  StuffGenie will deliver the boxes to you in the next 24 hours.  After you’ve pack away your stuff in the box, call StuffGenie up and they will swing by to pick up your boxes and store them for you in their secure, temperature and humidity controlled warehouse.

You will need to label your box, take a picture of the stuff in your box and upload on your online StuffGenie account. This will ensure you know and remember what you have in your box and the website help you keep track of your inventory.

When you want to have your stuff back,  just log into your account, select the items you want and StuffGenie will deliver it to you.

Promotion till 25 February 2015:

StuffGenie is offering a 1- month free storage promotion for sign up before 25 February.  

How much ?

 HK$65 per box, per month. Box size is 60L x 40W x 31.5H (cm).

To sign up or find out more, visit their website at StuffGenie





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