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By Butterboom Writers  /  June 14, 2016

Hands up if your house has at least two items in it that you no longer use? An old computer? What about that stereo player you bought for the CD era? All of us are in that boat. Now you can declutter your life – and save cash – with ECrent.

ECrent is a platform that lists everything under the sun that you can rent, be it services, physical space, club membership or items. The platform was founded by Deborah Yuen in 2013 with years of her own marketing experience gained from the finance and IT sector, backed by an experienced management team from JobsDB which is headed up by Parkson Yip,  to capture a share of the burgeoning sharing economy. 

In Hong Kong, the site lists over 20,000 items and boost over 500,000 visitors. They have expanded also with offices in China, India, USA, UK and Poland and users from over 40 countries.

How to use:

List the item you want to rent, the deposit that will cover the cost of item, post a picture and pay USD3 for each items you list. That’s it. You can also choose to insure your goods with ECrent’s insurance partners for more protection, if it’s a more valuable item, that’s optional. 

Potential renters will contact you and you make arrangements for pick up and return.

What you can rent in Hong Kong:

  • Rent an iPhone 6 for a week for HK$300

  • Need a ladder to change your light bulbs? Rent one for HK$100 a week

  • A Bosch drill can be rented for HK$50 a day
  • Need a colour printer for a project? A HP Colour Laser jet printer costs HK$500 a month to rent

  • Rent a scooter for HK$200 a day

Where to rent:



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