New Dating App DateTix Launches in Hong Kong

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By Lau  /  February 29, 2016

Step aside, Tinder – the newest addition to Hong Kong’s dating scene is DateTix. Founded by Michael Ye in 2013, DateTix has arrived to iOS this month. Of course, we had to test it out (the things we do for our job…) 

How it works
Like other dating apps, you link your Facebook account to DateTix and then fill in a basic profile. The app then locks onto your location and finds other DateTix users within your vicinity. Like someone you see? Swipe right on their picture and see where fate leads you.

Make the first move
If you’re feeling a little braver, there’s also a ‘Date’ section where you can set up your ideal date ‘event’. Pick a time, venue and even determine who is going to pay at the end (goodbye, awkward end-of-date moments!). Potential suitors then apply to go the date and if you like what you see, you can get talking through the chat function pre-date. 

Available on iOS 
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