Netflix Launches in Hong Kong

By Lau  /  February 2, 2016

Netflix, the popular video streaming service launched in Hong Kong earlier this month, in January 2016. Its basically the Spotify for movies and TV shows, which means you can watch movies or popular TV series streamed on your computer or mobile devices for a monthly subscription fee. That means you’ll need Internet connection to watch the video as it is played the same time it loads. To access unlimited movies and TV shows via all your devices, Netflix’s monthly plans starting at HKD$63. There is a free trail for  the first month.

Founded in 1997 in California, Netflix has over 65 million subscribers worldwide and is one of the more popular paid video streaming service out there.  So instead of downloading movies or popular US TV series on iTunes, or illegally via torrent, you can now watch it on Netflix. Be prepared though for a limited selection of shows in their catalogue due to licensing restrictions and likely delays in localising translations, not all the popular shows even Netflix exclusives are available as in the States and Europe.  So if you are looking forward to watching popular old series like Sopranos, West Wings, X-Files, The Wire, Friends, Seinfeld or newer ones like Walking Dead and Sherlock, give it a bit more time.  A little tip from our Pop Culture Advisor (PCA) a.k.a Lester Lim – if you are using a VPN, you can get access to the library of the country you are connecting to from your Hong Kong account so you can access everything! One more thing that is great is that the audio tracks are usually 5.1 surround, where if you download stuff, it is usually just stereo.

Here are some of the better shows you might enjoy on Netflix: 

  • Jessica Jones- A former superhero who decides to open her own detective agency after an end to her superhero career.
  • Master of None -A comedy sitcom about a New Yorker Dev’s life in the big apple. 
  • Breaking Bad- A crime drama about a high-school chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer who teams up with his student to cook and sell crystal meth to secure his family’s financial future before he dies. 
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – A comedy sitcom about an Indiana women, Kimmy Schmidt who starts a new life in New York

How much?
Free trial month and then subscription starts at HKD$63



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