Louis Vuitton Launches City Guide App

By Lau  /  November 30, 2015

For over 25 years, Louis Vuitton have released city book guides to help tourists find their way around major cities and recently, they have launched a City Guide App that covers 25 major cities like Beijing, Prague, London, Miami, and now Hong Kong. Now you can discover the top spots in each city without wasting time googling websites with fake reviews.

Each of the city guides gives information about the following categories; hotel, restaurants, cultural districts, nightlife and our favourite feature; City Walk Route. This is a walking tour guide providing routes for people to hang out at different spots for for users who want to explore the city with a map indicating the starting point, end point and time indication to complete. Each guide is written by a local so tourists can be as well-informed as any local and each city features guest contributor like French actor Guillaume Gallienne for Paris and British Designer Faye Toogood for London, so not we can hang out at all the hip spots. Also, the app is accessible offline, so lacking wi-fi won’t get in the way of your adventures. 

How much?
Find out more at their website: www.louisvuitton.com. Available on iOS App Store

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