Up Your Beauty Game With YouCam Makeup App

By Lau  /  April 11, 2016

Sure, experimenting with makeup is fun, but its risky to try out a new look just before a night out, especially if it goes wrong. Thankfully, there’s a smartphone app that can help (because of course there is).

Enter: YouCam Makeup. Launched in 2014, YouCam Makeup is an app that works as a virtual mirror, with a huge range of eyeshadow colours, lipstick shades, blushes and more. Upload a selfie then ‘apply’ the makeup to your virtual face to see what looks work (and which ones you’ll never try again). 


Now you don’t need to spend forever in Sasa to try out new makeup ideas. Just create the looks virtually, then go out and by the products. Too easy.  

YouCam Makeup is available for iOS and AndroidPhoto credit: www.harpersbazaar.com


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