HK$10 Drinks at Hong Kong Bars With Happy Owl

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By Butterboom Writers  /  July 20, 2016

Want to get your drinks at Hong Kong bars for less than HK$10 a drink every day? Then you better buy a subscription to Happy Owl.

Happy Owl is a new subscription-based app which allows subscribers to redeem one drink everyday at any of their partnered locations for a monthly fee of $199.  For consumers, the app is great for offering great value drinks and discovering new bars. For bar owners, its a tool to attract new traffic to their venues.  

“Happy Owl aims to provide customers with a fun tool to explore and what the city’s many bars have to offer, and at the same time it is a tool for venues to attract traffic from a wider customer base,” says co-founder and veteran entrepreneur Gabriel Fong, who founded Happy Owl with entrepreneur (and foodie), Daniel Cheng and wine enthusiast, Cassie Mak.

The app launched earlier this month with 35-partnered establishments across seven districts in Hong Kong, which includes popular places like Bangalow, Isono, Zuma, Ozo and Cé La Vi in Central; Stone Nullah Tavern, Common Room and Djiboutii in Wanchai, and Kinsale in Kennedy Town. 

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How it works:

Download and pay for your subscription for the month, which entitles you to one drink per day at any of their partnered establishments (some 46 watering holes in Hong Kong!).

When you are at the bar, choose your drinks from your app and hand your digital voucher over to the staff member to redeem.

You can unsubscribe anytime by emailing them and you won’t be charge for the next billing cycle. Simple. 

The verdict:

Get it! It’s amazing value for money (you literally make your investment back by the third drink!). Happy Owl also introduces you to new bars you won’t have thought of if it was not on the app. Cheers to that. 



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