Yahoo Joins Social Network Battle

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 19, 2007

Watch out Facebook and MySpace, here comes the 800-lbs. gorilla.


Yahoo! has just sent out beta-testing invitations to special people to go in and try out their new Social Networking platform a la MySpace and Facebook. I guess its never too late for one of the biggest players in the market to come out with a clone product. Usually, a company like Yahoo would just buy the next closest competitor but I guess they wanted to try and fight these 2 powerhouses with their own huge database.

Yahoo! Hong Kong has about 60% of all people online in Hong Kong visiting their site. So it stands to good reason that Hong Kongers that aren’t on another social network would be more easily enticed to try out Yahoo’s and I think that’s what they are gambling on before going ahead and either crushing the others or buying Facebook.

Take a look at the screenshots here, here and here – and you won’t see anything too original and they plan to follow Facebook’s play by letting 3rd party developers inside the walls to create time-wasting but fun applications.

We’ll let you know when it opens up for public use and when it comes to Hong Kong, which might be too late because of the other networks huge daily growth rate.


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