Wearable PSP Recharger

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 26, 2007

Brings new meaning to “wearing a power bracelet!”


Another great find from Akihabara News, and no doubt we will see in Hong Kong at all the game and computer malls soon is this amazing wrist recharger for your Playstation Portable or your Nintendo DS and mobile phones:

What about having the possibility to give up to 28h of extra juice to your DS lite, or 4.5h to your PSP while on the go? Well this is exactly what the Charger Bracelet from Thanko is supposed to do in a very nifty way, since our battery must be used as a bracelet watch.

Thanko is one of the most creative companies making crazy useless tech gear. We love them, and you can see other crazy tech gear like USB heated slippers and gold bullion USB drives at their English site here.


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