Unlocked iPhone in Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  December 31, 2007

The real thing, unlocked and ready to go.


Originally Published on Butterboom.com: AUGUST 21, 2007

That did take a lot longer than we thought. But you can get yourself an unlocked iPhone at G-World Mobile (call them at 2396-6900. You too, Steve) and you’re looking at about HK$9000 for the iPhone and the unlocking package. As you can see here at PhoneDaily, the Apple iPhone is running on a CSL SIM card.

We’ve had a chance to play with it and its exactly as advertised. Very easy to use, quick response and just oodles of fun. You can wait till next year when it will be officially released in Hong Kong or you can go for the Prada phone or the HTC one that is available everywhere now.


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