UK Gets iPhone, Inches Closer to HK

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 20, 2007

November 9 street date in the UK for the iPhone.


Yeah, yeah more iPhone news, well this should be it until it’s our turn:

Besides O2 and Apple’s own retail stores, the iPhone will be sold through Carphone Warehouse and will cost £269 ($535)—customers will not be given any kind of a discount on the handset. This is the same type of deal the company signed with AT&T in the United States. In addition to the £269 price tag, UK consumers will also have to sign an 18-month contract with O2.

Monthly service plans on O2 will cost £35 ($69), £45 ($89) and £55 ($109) and include unlimited data. Unlike the plans in the U.S., customers in the U.K. will also have access to a network of 7,500 Wi-Fi hotspots when they sign up for one of the iPhone plans. Wi-Fi hotspots are operated by The Cloud.

So brash is Apple, knowing that everyone in the UK is dying for the “JesusPhone,” that they only used a small grey room for Steve Jobs to present in. Well I guess this is the closest the Brits can get to God himself, so who’s complaining:

And while the new iPod Nano’s are now on sale in Hong Kong, we’ll make sure to remind you that the iPod Touch goes on sale NEXT Friday in Hong Kong.


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