Top Online Photo Editors

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 14, 2007

Save big bucks and edit your photos online for free.


Yes, that is Race Wong Yuen-Ling of the Hong Kong pop-band 2R taken by our buddies at HKDigit. They probably use the latest and greatest Photoshop CS3 software to edit these photos. But what if you could do the same, but for free? And online?

If you use GMail from Google then you know that you can now do spreadsheets and text documents online, and share with anyone and access them anywhere you have an internet connection. So yes, Google is scaring the pants off of Microsoft, but a batch of new online photo editing sites are going to start challenging Adobe.

SmileyCat has a great comparison chart of over 12 of the online photo editing sites out there and she picks CELLSEA as the coolest one but likes PICNIK because of its cool interface.

Have a look at the offerings and if you are a pro or an amateur you will find some great ways to edit photos for free online and really work anywhere when WiFi gets all over the place in Hong Kong.


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