Top 5 Things Hong Kong Needs To Know About the New iPhone 5 #apple

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 18, 2012

Set your iCal’s for September 21st, Hong Kong.

If you missed the big news last week ladies, the 6th iteration of Apple’s iPhone is coming out on 21st September. Before you rush out to buy the new phone, here are 5 things we think are pretty important to know about the iPhone 5:

  • It will be on sale in Hong Kong alongside the US and Canada onSeptember 21st.
  • If you buy a phone in another country and bring it here it will not work in Hong Kong due to the different LTE bands.
  • Most likely Apple will be doing a “lottery” to buy at the official store, or you can queue at the authorised retailers.
  • Prices are HK$5,588 for the 16GB model and HK$6,388 for the 32GB model and HK$7,188 for the 64GB model.
  • The new iOS6 will be out next Wednesday so you can play with the new features before the iPhone 5 comes out.

What we love about it:

  • It’s thinner and lighter and has less volume but it’s got a bigger screen and battery than the 4S.
  • The new EarPods and the additional microphones for better sound for Facetime and a 720p camera on the front-facing camera!
  • 4″ screen – which means closer to 16:9 video playing and another row for apps.
  • It has LTE! Which means super fast downloads of big files like video.
  • A better battery for longer browsing – we’ll see about that!
  • Shooting panorama photos – something we’ve been envious of in Sony cameras.



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