Tomorrow Machine Self-Cleaning Plate

Tomorrow Machine Self Cleaning Plate
By Butterboom Writers  /  February 12, 2014

A plate that cleans itself…  Think about this for a second.  Swedish design company, Tomorrow Machine, decided to solve this chore by designing a plate that cleans itself.  We are looking at what’s coming and think this is an ingenious idea.

How it works…

Inspired by the way water slides off a lotus leaf, the Stockholm-based design duo of Hanna Billqvist and Anna Glansen decided to create plates and cups which literally repels water so your plate never gets dirty.  The crockery, made completely out of cellulose, is moulded into shape and is then covered in a superhydrophobic coating making it resistant to all liquids and dirt.  That means when you’ve finished eating, just tip the plate over the bin and the extra sauce, food bits and gunk will slide right off!  The other amazing thing is that the dishes are non-breakable, so it won’t break or crack if you drop them.

Stay tuned, they are at the prototype stage so you can’t buy these plates yet.


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