The Top Five Portable Speakers

jawbone jambox portable black speaker
By Butterboom Writers  /  September 18, 2013

Sometimes your phone just doesn’t have that power to blast out that tune. This week, we’ve been looking at portable speakers that makes sharing the beat with your friends via your phone a much better experience. Portable speakers are great for fun on the beach and will liven up any barbeque parties.

jbl charge green portable speaker

JBL Charge:

The JBL Charge does more than just give you excellent sound, it charges your devices too (hence the name). The speaker has wireless capabilities and is able to wirelessly stream stereo music from any Bluetooth device. It comes with a built-in USB port and a 6,000m Ah lithium ion battery so it’s charging your portable device as it plays your tune.  Choose from three colours (black, green and blue) and costs HK$1399. You can pick one up from your closest HMV.

geneva sound labs model xs red portable speaker

Geneva Sound Model XS

If you’re looking for a portable speaker that has more of a vintage feel, check out the Geneva Sound Model XS. The design for these speakers were inspired by vintage portable alarm clocks and can fold into themselves so you don’t need an external case. The speaker include a built-in FM radio and antenna and also displays the time. The Geneva Sound model delivers quality sound wirelessly from any device and comes in two distinct colours: red or black. It only comes with an AC adapter though and does not include the option to charge through a USB connection. You can pick one up online for HK$1980 at the official Geneva Sound Systems website here. You can also pick one up from HMV for HK$1680.

bose soundlink ii 2 portable black speaker

Bose Soundlink II

Bose is well known for its pricey but superb sound quality and these portable speakers dictate exactly that. At well over HK$2500, it doesn’t come cheap but the audio performance is one of the best out there for portable speakers. The speakers connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled device and come with an integrated bi-fold cover which protects it from getting any scratches or dents. The Bose Soundlink II utilises technology that makes the sound clear and crisp at any volume. You can buy one online from the Apple Store here (note, the speakers come with an option of two materials for the cover; leather for HK$3198 or nylon for HK$2798) or you could visit an official Bose store to pick one up in person.

logitech ueboom portable speaker

Logitech UE Boom

This flashy coloured speaker does way more than just look cool. With a water proof and stain proof coating, it’s super durable and can put up with a day at the beach as well as pool parties. You don’t need to worry about knocking this device around as it was built for toughness and still manages to deliver impressive sound. The speakers have a rechargeable battery life of up to 15 hours and can be paired with another speaker to create a surround sound effect. The sound is pretty powerful and is well-suited for outdoor use. The device comes in a variety of colours and you can buy one online for HK$1698 from the Apple Store here.

jawbone jambox portable black speaker

Jawbone Jambox

With its small size, big sound and unique design, this portable speaker holds its own against the tough competition. The Jambox manages to pack a lot of high quality sound into a small package with 15 hours’ worth of battery life to keep it going till the night’s end. The device pairs up with your phone via Bluetooth or auxiliary jack and fades the music down when you receive a call. The Jambox costs the same as the UE Boom at HK$1698. It comes in two colours (red or black) and can be purchased from the Apple Store here.


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