The MiniQ 5100: A Mini Charging Marvel

By   /  August 15, 2013

For the times when you need that extra bit of juice.


It’s happened to all of us at some point: you’re out and about when suddenly you notice your phone is on its last bar of life. You are nowhere near a charger and to make things worse, you still need to use your phone for the rest of the day. Whatever it is, you need battery life and fast.

Carrying around an external battery charger has become something of a necessity for your average city slicker and it’s always useful to have one around in case of an emergency. But not all chargers are made equal; some are bulky and heavy and they don’t charge nearly enough to keep your phone going to the end of the day. Luckily we’ve found everything we’re asking for in the MiniQ 5100 by Magic-Pro.



What we love about the MiniQ 5100:

  • that it can recharge your iphone 5 twice (2 times giving you extra 14 hours ) when fully charged. (depending on how many apps you have running etc)
  • you can turn on and off the charger with press of a button to save battery life
  • easy to see how much juice is left from the 3 blue light bar indicator
  • it does not leak battery power (as we have experienced so far)
  • comes in four colours, white, black, pink or blue to choose from
  • The MiniQ can charge almost any gadget, from an iPhone to an iPad or even a GPS.

Conclusion:  4.5 star battery charger! The MiniQ 5100 packs a portable punch with its small body, light feel and tremendous power.

Battery: Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery Capacity: 5100mAh
Input: 5V / 1A
Output: 5V / 1A
5V / 2.1A Max
Charging Time: 7 – 8 Hours
Battery Life: – 500 Times
Size: 86 x 53 x 19mm
Weight: 120g
Battery Display: 1 LED: 0 – 30%
2 LED: 31 – 80%
3 LED: 81 – 100%

How much? 

MiniQ 5100 & 5100s / HK$299

Where to buy?

  • Available at most Fortress branches
  • 10/F Sogo, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel: 2833 8338
  • LCX, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, 3 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Tel: 3102 3668

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