Shuttr – The Remote Camera Control for your iOS and Android Devices

Shuttr Remote - iPhone & Android Selfies
By Butterboom Writers  /  February 5, 2014

Shuttr is the answer to taking selfies and group shots with a remote control.  Designed and built by Hong Kong engineer Kevin Leung, Shuttr is a tiny wireless device that connects to your iOS and Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth and acts as a remote camera trigger/shutter.  Its the device that we all need to stop asking strangers to take a group picture and we are proud that a Hong Kong engineer came up with it!  At just 6mm thick, the remote control shutter works within a radius of 30 feet.

As a father who grew up with very little childhood photos, Leung wanted to find an easier way to take more pictures of his wife and young daughter with him in the pictures so he decided to build what was missing in the market.  He put Shuttr on Kickstarter (crowd-funding website) and within 3 days, raised more than the US$10,000 goal he hoped to raise to go into production.

What we love about Shuttr?

Besides the fact that this is a gadget we all need, the design is so well thought out –

  • Its small, ultra slim (6mm) and light that it fits into your pocket and is easy to attach to a keychain so you won’t loose it.
  • Shuttr comes in white and black. You have an option of an all black device or one with a red button.
  • Kevin’s also designed a suction stand so you can prop your phone up to take a steady shot.
  • According to Muku Labs, the battery will last up to two years so long as you remember to turn it off after you use it.
  • We also love the thoughtful and simple packaging that the device ships in.

Where to buy?

You can buy yourself your own Shuttr remote for USD39 online, or HK$302 at any Smartone stores in Hong Kong.

Get 2 for USD69 or HK$536.

To buy online visit Muku Lab’s official website.


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