Vago is Every Shopaholic Traveller’s Dream Come True

By Lau  /  June 1, 2016

What’s a holiday without a bit of souvenir shopping? Come to think of it, even packing for said trip takes time, planning and far more luggage that we’ll probably wear (but wise to carry with you, of course). Then Vago came along and changed the game. This small device which compresses your clothes to create extra space within your baggage. 


How does it work?
Measuring at 70 mm in length and 85 grams in weight, it’s a tiny portage device that’s easy to carry on holiday. It’s powered by a micro-USB cable and adapter so its perfect for travellers and shoppers on the go. Simply put the clothes in the vacuum bag, screw on VAGO, push the button and see of space reduced by 50 percent. We’ll gladly say bon voyage to excess baggage fees! 

The price:
From HKD$209

Where to Buy:
Only available on Kickstarter.  



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