Sony’ Pocket Size PC – Vaio P

By Butterboom Writers  /  January 19, 2009

Sony’s Vaio PC is really pocket size.


Sony’s new VAIO P “Pocket style PC” is a full-featured notebook PC that is about the size of an envelope and small enough to fit in your jeans pocket, or shoulder bag.  It is also very thin and light, weighing at just 594 gram.

It has a full keyboard and very easy to type, the only thing is the backlit screen at 8 inches wide, is not very wide. For a pocket PC size computer, I guess you can’t complain.  Its a great handy pocket PC and very convenience for checking emails, browsing the internet while you’re on the go.


Available in gorgeous shades of garnet red, olive green, obsidian black and crystal white. †he colours are painted on magnesium and hard-polished to achieve a glossy polished metalic shine.


The designer Mr.Takuma was in Hong Kong to promote the Vaio P.

How much?

VGN-P15G/Q/W/R/G  model HK$7,980

VGN-P13GH/Q/W model  HK$5,980


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