Sony Ericsson’s Music Phone

By Butterboom Writers  /  February 12, 2009

Here’s a hot pink phone for the ladies…


Sony Ericsson has to keep innovating with mobile phone forms, and this one – the Premier 3 – has alot of nice curves and sex appeal.

The new phone combines a phone and walkman in one device, this means 1 less thing to carry around.

It features a 3” VGA like screen (854 x 480), a 3.19 AF camera module, LISMO Video (Video on Demand), miscroSD cards (no internal memory, but the phone is sold with a 2GB card), all packed together in a body of only 113g and a size of 50×105×16.3mm. Also include is a dedicated remote control for Walkman functions.

We hear that they are planning to launch in Hong Kong end February/early March. Just in time to match your spring outfits!


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