Something Macbook in the Air

By Butterboom Writers  /  January 17, 2008

Apple introduces the thinnest laptop in the world…for now.


Apple has announced the latest and greatest piece of technology yesterday at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The Macbook Air is the thinnest and most powerful new laptop around, beating Sony’s line of super-slim laptops. Steve Jobs has proved again that you can mix style and substance together with sacrificing quality. Click here to see their TV commercial. The thing fits in an A4-size envelope.

Apple Hong Kong has it on pre-order now, the 1.6 Ghz model is HK$14,900 and the slightly faster 1.7 GHz model is almost double at HK$25,900. For Butterboom readers, we’d say that the 1.6 GHz model is more than enough, it’s still slightly more expensive than a similar PC laptop, but you get bragging rights and will turn more heads than your new LV bag can.

Click here for pre-order with free shipping in Hong Kong and here to learn more about the Macbook Air.

The keynote from Steve Jobs that we link to above is 90 minutes, this video below has compressed the key ideas into 60 seconds:


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