Smartone Brings Broadband Smack

By Butterboom Writers  /  November 15, 2007

The next best way to work while you are on a beach.


It may seem that we cover Smartone-Vodafone alot, but we just love to talk about a company that so aggressively markets broadband and 3G services in Hong Kong. Even to have their new ads basically tell everyone their competitors’ services “suck.”

A new “comparison” ad campaign is in full swing featuring Smartone’s USB connect broadband service which gives you the same high-speed connections from your home PC to your laptop anywhere you move in Hong Kong. Other services seem to switch you from WiFi to 3G to space alien technology but Smartone is saying they can provide you with 7.2 Mbps download speeds all the time and even offering 2Mbps upload speed so you really work out big files on the go.

The basic plans are featured here. While the best deal is the 30-month contract, with free USB Modem and HK$348 a month, that might be a bit too much to commit to. Who knows where we will be in 12 months when the broadband competition heats up. So the “Switch To Us” offer looks the best at a 18-month contract, you buy the modem for HK$1980 and pay $488 a month.

This is obviously a choice for most business users who are always out of the office, and aren’t looking to do business on those free Pacific Coffee computers and want more secure connection than WiFi offers. For the writers, bloggers, designers and people who just want to work outside then this is the ultimate freedom device.

And because we are too lazy to film one ourselves, here is a is a UK blog’s review of a similar product from Vodafone in the UK just to give you an idea of how it works. Remember, this is not us, we are much more sexy:


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