SkypePhone Coming to Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  November 2, 2007

3 and Skype = cheap phone and cheap calls.


Skype isn’t going to let Apple have all the fun in the mobile phone world. Coming to Hong Kong in December is the new SkypePhoneavailable from 3 in the UK now:

We had a good look last week and it really is a peach. There’s a Skype dedicated button situated bang in the middle, with a cool straightforward interface.

Hit it and you’ll find all your Skype in one place. One touch and you’ll be making calls over the net for nowt.

It’s dead easy to use, but best of all it costs a mere £50 on 3 prepay. So no lashing out for a fancy contract and phone with loads of extras here.

However, you will find a 2-meg camera and an MP3 player.

To make sure you get free calls, you need to top up a tenner a time. Not exactly a hardship is it? It’s yours from November 2nd, that’s this Friday.

Not too bad, if you are a big long distance user or like to call your friends from your computer. Check out the video below:


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