AmbiLite: The Smartest Lightbulb On The Market

By Lau  /  May 10, 2016

It was only a matter of time before we could light up your homes via an app. Hong Kong start-up AmbiLite is an app-control lightbulb made from smart and green materials so you can save money on bills and help mother Earth. Each bulb lasts up to 45,000 hours with average use of six hours per day (in other words, a very impressive 20 years).

What are the features?
The Ambilite bulb comes in a variety of neat effects such as colour changing. You can control absolutely every function through your smartphone, including dimming the lights (saving on electrical bills in the process).

How does it work? 
No special setup is needed, simply screw the bulb in to use as you would any other bulb. Download the app onto your phone and sync the bulb to the app by holding the sync button. 

The price:
Retail price is HKD$850 HKD, on sale its HKD$770 for a starter kit which includes 3 Nabe bulbs 9W, 1 Genie & 1 micro USB cable. 

Where to buy:
Order online from


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