RememberTheMilk and YouTube Go Mobile

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 20, 2007

2 cool mobile sites you need to know about.


It’s mobile news day today at Butterboom: is a multi-platform task tool that is another nail in Microsoft’s coffin. Yes, its a just a task list – but this task list follows you around – from the web to your mobile phone with alerts being SMS’d to you and adding new tasks is as easy as sending an email to yourself. Integration and applications that follow you is what the web is growing into so you might as well start now with something easy.

Also, something we didn’t want following us on our mobile phones (because we waste enough time at their website) is YouTube Mobile. The streaming quality is not that good and unless you have an unlimited plan like we do, it might not be that high on your list to visit. The selection is a bit slim now, but when its available watching Bus Uncle on a Hong Kong bus via YouTube is such a statement that we will have to do it.


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