Reality TV For Everyone

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 3, 2007

Cheap camcorder for the casual online video producer.


The Flip is a new low-priced video camera and the kind of killer-app that will allow people who cannot afford a real video camera (as well as making it easy to connect to your PC) a chance to make themselves into the next YouTube Idol. While the device is pedestrian compared to camcorders you can buy at Broadway or Fortress it does signal something big.

Developed with Internet video sharing software integrated into the device, Flip Video is the first camcorder to seamlessly upload directly to YouTube and other online video sharing sites. Available today at major retailers nationwide — in time for giving gifts to moms, dads and grads — Flip Video camcorders capture life’s spontaneous moments, no matter where or when they occur. The camcorder retails at US$119.99 for the 30-minute model and US$149.99 for the 60-minute model.

Once this catches on you will see similar items coming out of China and Taiwan that will not doubt be cheaper and have a greater capacity. This is the kind of thing that will inspire the next big wave in content generation that will make actors, reporters and reality show stars out of just about anyone. And with free online video editing sites like; for better or worse get ready for it.


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