Prepd Pack- The Coolest Lunch Box on the Block

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By Lau  /  April 13, 2016
Hands up if your NY resolution was to eat better? Yep, us too. Preparing lunches that are calorie controlled and easily portable can be tricky, but Prepd Pack makes that so much easier.
Prepd Pack is a snazzy lunchbox designed to keep keep track of your diet and calories as well. Founded by Chris Place and Will Matters, Prepd Pack launched in January on Kickstarter – raising an impressive US $1mill in funding!
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Of course, the lunchbox doesn’t compromise on conscious style, either. The box is made entirely from sustainable materials like bamboo and durable plastic. It features magnetic cutlery that stays secure in the lunchbox and bento-style containers that are 100% leak proof. That means you can carry leftover soup into work the next day. 
The accompanying app has been curated by nutritionists and chefs to help you create meals with customised recipes that you can cook in batches for the week. How does one week’s of lunch made in less than an hour sound? That’s all the motivation we need!
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The price:
Where to buy:
Shipping starts from June and preorder yours from Kickstarter
Photo Credit: Indiegogo

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