Prada Phone Available Now

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 25, 2007

The LG Masterpiece is out of the closet and into the streets.


The Prada LG phone is out now in Hong Kong. We took it for a quick test-spin and it is amazingly light and slim – we thought it wasn’t the real version or the battery wasn’t in it. Another shock – no pen! Its touch sensitive to your finger. We even tried using a pen with it and it wouldn’t work, it seemed to need the heavier touch of a human finger (what a great accessory that would be.) The rest follows what we expected the OS to be like with email, dialing numbers on the screen and very intuitive interface.

All in all a good shot from LG – the big contestant comes out next month – will the iPhone be this light and thin and slick looking? Because from our quick-shot at it, the Prada LG phone is the top of the line multi-functional phone on the market now.


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