A Peek At New 3D Printed Glasses By ITUM

By Lau  /  May 25, 2016

In case you missed it, 3D printing is pretty much mainstream these days – and fashion hasn’t escaped this incredible technology. ITUM, founded by architect Edmond Wong in 2014, has been expertly merging the technology and style, with a range of 3D printed bracelets and necklaces. And now they’re looking at eyewear.

ITUM’s eyewear range MONO has been co-created with optician Simon Ling and makes finding your perfect frames a breeze. By using the latest 3D printing technology, ITUM’s invented a sizing system including a custom nose width that’s designed to fit your head and face perfectly. The kit also comes with interchangeable lenses incase you need prescripted sunglasses and interchangeable frames to match your outfit.

Pricing start from HKD$1,000, which isn’t bad for tailored made eyewear. You can place your order on Indiegogo.



The price:
From HKD$1000

Where to buy:
You can shop their accessories from ITUM but the MONO range is only available on Indiegogo

Photo Credit: ITUM & Indiegogo


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