Now TV Has 818,000 Users

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 31, 2007

PCCW revenues surge in part to climbing broadband TV subs.


It’s just happens to be NowTV week here at Butterboom, since PCCW just released their interim results for 2007. So to not bore you through that, we picked out the cooler nuggets of interest for you:

Now TV’s Installed Base as of June 2007 is 818,000, up 35% from last year. Thanks to a little football action.

Of those, there are 560,000 people actually paying for the content and interactive services. The question is what do the other 258,00 people do with the box? Doorstop?

Netvigator broadband service is still the Hong Kong market leader which has risen 18% from last year to a total of 1,176,000 subscribers at the end of June 2007. I guess hanging out in front of every MTR station in town will help!

There are 3,000 PCCW Wi-Fi hotspots across Hong Kong. Usage has since tripled since it was launched in January of this year.

There are 119,000 3G mobile subscribers, which is double what it was last year and there are 957,000 2G mobile subscribers.

Of course take all their numbers with a grain of salt but this should be a pretty close snapshot of what PCCW is doing in the Hong Kong market right now. We can only see more growth in NowTV subscribers and 3G users throughout the year and as long as PCCW keeps innovating and giving this techhead town what it wants in terms of flexible ways to do business from a coffeeshop or cha chan teng then more power to them.


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