No Roaming Fees for 3G Users

By Butterboom Writers  /  January 17, 2007


Hutchinson Whampoa‘s 3 Network really wants us all to take the 3G plunge by continuing to add more services to get the johnny-come-lately’s to join up! If you use 3’s 3G service you can use the 3G services in any country and pay as if you were in HK. It’s called the “3 Like Home” service and includes all SMS, MMS, video and data services – and most importantly all incoming and outgoing calls.

Most of us at Butterboom are still on the 2G trail since most of us haven’t seen the benefits of lugging around a giant phone that we can watch TV on. But with free roaming this might push us over.

More as it develops. Read more here.


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