The New Motorola Phone – Moto X™

Moto X New Motorola Phone
By Butterboom Writers  /  April 25, 2014

You read that right: Motorola has a new smartphone in the market — the Moto X™ — and it’s touted to represent the best of Motorola and Google. First, the design: It features a unique curved back designed to fit perfectly into your hands. Now, the clincher: You don’t need to touch the phone to use it! To use Moto X™, you only need your voice to get directions, set an alarm or just about anything. Just say “OK Google Now” and the phone showcases what it is capable off as it hears your voice.

Love taking photos with your camera? With the Moto X™, it’s as easy as two flicks of your wrist. Touch anywhere on the screen to capture the shot. Other functions include continuous shooting capabilities and a 10MP camera for sharp photos. And if you don’t have your Moto X™ nearby, you can still respond to notifications right from your desktop through the Motorola Connect extension for Google Chrome™.

Available in black or white for HK$3,698.

Photo credits: Motorola


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