New iMac Unleashed

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 9, 2007

This Steve Jobs guy doesn’t quit does he?


Slimmer. Sexier. Faster. Apple debuts their newest iMac computer and the world gushes with excitement. Another stunning design that takes the old iMac and squishes it even thinner. I don’t know how else they can convert style-conscious computer users to switch from PC to Mac with the iPhone, iPod and the iMac:

The all-in-one desktop computers now have aluminum casings, replacing the white plastic facade that has defined the computer lineup for years. The new iMacs will come in only 20-inch and 24-inch versions.

Analysts have been anticipating an iMac revamp for some time from the trendsetting company. Apple last introduced a new iMac in September 2006 when it debuted the large 24-inch model.

The success of the iPod, Apple’s retail stores and the company’s switch to Intel-based computer chips have all helped boost the Macintosh maker’s computer sales and profits to record levels. In recent quarters, Apple’s sales have been growing three times faster than the rest of the PC industry.

As of this posting, Apple Hong Kong hasn’t updated their site yet so we don’t know the price but if it matches the US price then expect them to be from around HK$10,000 to HK$18,000 for the 2 sizes respectively.

Want to be wow’ed more? Watch the new iMac TV commercials here.

UPDATE: Apple’s Hong Kong site has been updated now with the iMac and you can order from them online in 1 of 4 varieties. The 20″ 2.0 gHz model is only HK$9500 and the 2.8 gHz 24″ version is HK$18,500.


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