Never Lose Your Luggage Again with Trakdot!

By Butterboom Writers  /  November 1, 2013

Losing your luggage in a foreign country can turn a dream holiday into a nightmare. The stress and panic you feel when you have no idea where your belongings are can be enough to make you want to cancel your trip all together. Thanks to GlobaTrac’s nifty little device, you don’t need to worry about lost luggage anymore.

The Trakdot is designed to track your luggage and notify you of its exact location through emails and texts. What makes this this clever little device even cooler is its inbuilt accelerometer that will switch the device to airplane mode before the plane is in the air and will turn the device back on when you land. Once the device has been “re-awakened”, it uses the local cellular network to contact its owner and report its location.

Trakdot works with microelectronics and ground-based cellular telephone technologies to get you your bag’s location. No more waiting by the carousel wondering why your bag is taking so long or worrying that someone else has already taken it. Trakdot’s Android and iOS apps will locate its exact whereabouts in the airport so you can have peace of mind knowing your bag is exactly where it should be.

If you’re a frequent traveller or if luggage misplacement is a concern to you, just keep a Trakdot device safely tucked away in your check-in bag and never loose your luaggage ever again!

What we love:

  • The device is super light and super portable.
  • The signal is strong enough to be located in metal containers such as cars, hard-shell suitcases or parked planes.
  • The two double A batteries included will last you up to 28 days.
  • It automatically switches to airplane mode when it reaches a certain altitude and is compliant with airline regulations.

What could be better:

  • There are no directions that tell you how to turn the device off.
  • There is no indicator to let you know how much battery life is left.


How much?

The Trakdot costs USD$59 and you will need to pay an activation fee and one year service plan costing USD$21.98.

Where to buy?

You can purchase a Trakdot from GlobaTrac’s official website here.



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