MTR To Get WiFi’d Up

By Butterboom Writers  /  December 28, 2007

Surf and play Nintendo DS with everyone on the MTR.



From a story in the SCMP, it seems that the MTR has done tests with PCCW to start offering WiFi inside the trains themselves around Hong Kong very soon, making our city the first in the world to get this kind of service:

The service will first be introduced in station concourses and on platforms this summer. Wu Liang-tai, the company’s executive vice-president for emerging technology, said putting it in trains for access on the go was the next step.

A third-generation (3G) mobile-phone network allows users to connect to the internet on the move at speeds of 3.6 megabits per second.

Wi-fi (wireless fidelity) gives users online access at 54 megabits per second, fast enough to watch videos on the internet. It costs HK$20 a day for unlimited access.

On trains, it would work with receivers at each end of the train picking up a 3.5G signal from transmitters in the tunnel.

The Wi-fi network will give users access to the internet through Wi-fi-compatible devices such as laptop computers and mobile phones.

“Wi-fi is much cheaper than 3G for internet access, so we can deliver our content to users when they are on MTR trains,” Dr Wu said on the sidelines of a telecoms conference in Beijing.

Mobile operators charge about HK$100 per month for 10 megabytes of 3G use.


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