Motorola is the ‘Q”

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 27, 2007

New QWERTY smartphone launches in the US.


Motorola has launched a new smartphone called the MOTO Q in the U.S. and it takes their original model and slims it down and makes it more ergonomic. This one is coming from US mobile-operator Verizon as all mobile markets heat up in the smartphone war as it looks pretty close to the Dopod 730. While hackers in the US have cracked the iPhone (HK-people did it last week already), we think the smartphone should get a bigger chunk of the market in Hong Kong by mid-2008.

The new phones being introduced by the big guys aren’t that exciting and I think people are sick of SMS’ing without a keyboard. Although there is a software out there that brings a full QWERTY keyboard to your touch-screen HTC, its still the feel of the keys, even at this small size, that we think will still win the day.


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