More Free Calls to China

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 2, 2007

Save a few bucks and call China for free with ZoiPPE


The free calls keep on coming, we reported last month about Hong Kong-based ZoiPPE (they assure us they are pronounced “ZOIP-pee”) offered VoiP calls to China for free! Well they are extending that offer till the end of this month.

To put this in perspective, Skype is also offering a Year of the Pig free Internet calls to China – (And its pronounced “SK-YIPE,” like “PIPE,” not “SKY-PEE”, please, it’s not “Nike.”) but they are only offering you only 24 minutes, while ZoiPPE is offering you unlimited calls…to mobile and land lines.

“The response to our “Free Call to China” offer has been overwhelming.” said Mr. SG Lim, the Managing Director of ZONE who is also Executive Director of e-KONG. “We have received many compliments from happy ZoiPPE users as well as requests from those users who did not manage to maximise the offer fully as they were either travelling or busy during this festive period. Many users would also like to continue to stay in touch with their friends and family from their hometown even though they are now back at work. Our objective is to spread the festive cheers to the Chinese community around the world and for them to experience ZoiPPE’s excellent service quality. Hence we are extending the offer till 31 March 2007.”

And to prove that VoiP calling IS the future, this report shows that the 600 companies making these kinds of phones are increasing their production output by 31% over 2006 to almost 35 MILLION by end of 2007. And with WiFi becoming free in Hong Kong, you’ll soon be carrying a VoiP phone and making free long distance calls at Starbucks and in Hong Kong Park!

Click here to call your friends and family for free by using ZoiPEE.


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